Polka Dots Are Here To Stay.

Before we get into the world of polka dots, let’s understand what they actually mean. According to Wikipedia, a Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of large or small filled circles of the same or variant size. They were introduced to us in the world of Disney, with its appearance on Minnie Mouse) It’s something which can never go wrong on any occasion and you can proudly say “polka dots have got my back”.

POLKA DOTS are my personal favorites as they are extremely versatile in nature. Also, it’s such a trendy pattern that has been in fashion for the last 3-4 decades and haven’t lose its charm. Polka dots are evergreen and go with all the seasons and occasions. Polka dots came into fashion during the 80s-90s and are still on the ramp.


The best thing about Polka dots is that it’s gender-neutral. Polka can be found on any piece of clothing to name some are shirts, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, ties, socks, bags, and so on.

Fashionistas are experimental in nature and hence, polka dots are can be combined with any backgrounds and dots.

Polka dots are quite versatile in nature and hence, can be found in any colour scheme you like or imagine:

  • White And Pink
  • Pink And Blue
  • Black And Red
  • White And Grey
  • Green And Red
  • Red And Cream
  • Yellow And White
  • Rainbow (multi-coloured On The White Background)
  • Black And White (My Personal Favourite)

Polka dots designs are of both sizes i.e., small and big. Usually, it’s either one of the prints but a combination of both makes it stand out. Small polka dots are best as they make you look slimmer and taller. Large polka dots can make you visually shorter especially if you’re healthy. But here’s a brownie point for the girls, your hips and breasts look more enhanced.

Also, it works perfectly with a blend of other prints. Some of the suggestions for mix and match are:

  • A combination of big and small polka dots gives the clothing a different look.
  • Go bold with pairing stripes as it will create a prominent and trendy graphic effect.
A bold maxi-dress with a mixture of stripes and polka dots
  • Go monochromatic as polka dot team goes best with a solid colour lowers and accessories.
  • Polka dots along with floral print are edgy as it brings a perfect summer/spring vibrant look. For someone who loves Sunday brunch, this is just the perfect choice.
A knot-tie crop shirt with florals and polka dots can be paired with denim shorts.

In 2020 polka dots in puff sleeves and ruffles, sleeves are to die for. Puff sleeves add a dapper look, which is perfect for a dinner date. Puff sleeves with polka dots help to pump up the volume and are here for a long time. Polka dots are not only limited to western wear, but a red and white polka dots saree just creates a phenomenal retro look. Not only red and white specifically, but polka dots in saree with a plain solid colour crop top gives a chic look.









Right from the 1980s to 2020, polka dots haven’t lost their relevance. So what are you waiting for? Go head to your wardrobe or shop online to flaunt your polka dots.

In the next blog, I would tell you more about the ways to style polka dot clothing and how to accessorize them. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Stay tuned, Stay fashioned 🙂

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